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What is Scoliosis?

What is Scoliosis?

Understanding and Treating Scoliosis with our Chiropractors in West Hartford

In individuals who have scoliosis, the spine starts to curve from side to side. This curve can look like a “C” if there is only one abnormal curvature and it is called functional scoliosis, which may involve having one leg shorter than the other, leaning towards one side, or bad posture and sitting.  A curve of the spine that looks like a “S” has two abnormal curvatures and it is known as congenital , double curved scoliosis. This type of scoliosis is common 5-1 ratio for girls to boys in the age demographic of 13 to 16 years old. Our chiropractors in West Hartford can diagnose, monitor, and care for your spinal curvature and diagnose subluxation, which is abnormal structural changes in your spine affecting the normal nerve supply from the brain to the rest of the body.

Types of Abnormal Curvatures of the Spine Treated at Our Chiropractic Clinic

x-ray of scoliosis spineOur chiropractic clinic, serving the surrounding communities of West Hartford, Simsbury, Avon, Canton, Hartford, Bloomfield, Farmington, Glastonbury and Newington, can diagnose abnormal curvatures of the spine in children and adults.

  • Congenital or Infantile – Is present at birth and usually caused by improper development of the spine while in utero.
  • Juvenile or Early Onset – Typically occurs in children between the ages of 3 and 9 who have not yet reached puberty.
  • Idiopathic – Usually occurs in adolescents. It has unknown direct cause.
  • Neuromuscular – Occurs due to another condition, like spina bifida or muscular dystrophy.
  • Degenerative – Occurs due to a spinal injury or an age-related condition.

Scoliosis Treatments Offered at West Hartford Chiropractic, Serving West Hartford, Simsbury, Avon, Canton, Hartford, Bloomfield, Farmington, Glastonbury and Newington

Our chiropractors at West Hartford Chiropractic, serving West Hartford, Simsbury, Avon, Canton, Hartford, Bloomfield, Farmington, Glastonbury and Newington, offers monitoring and treatment for children and adults with scoliosis. Common treatments in children include bracing and monitoring. The custom-fitted braces were designed to help slow or stop the spinal curvature from progression until growth is finished. However all research studies in various orthopedic and chiropractic peer reviewed journals have shown that scoliosis braces are not only ineffective in reducing Scoliosis or holding it from progression but are also severe source of discomfort, pain, and lowered self-esteem due to social parameters. Monitoring is performed in order to document the progression of the curve and provide timely treatment.  In adults, abnormal spinal curvatures are monitored and certain treatments, like chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and wellness advice, may be able to lower back pain caused by the abnormal curvature.

To schedule an appointment at our clinic in West Hartford, call us at 860-232-5556. When to call to schedule your initial evaluation, ask us about our new patient specials.

How has receiving chiropractic care at our clinic helped alleviate your abnormal spinal curvature symptoms?

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