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Headaches can sideline you with pressure, tightness, pain, and tension. The resulting pain can be sharp or dull, and may last for a few minutes or a few days.

Studies have shown that chiropractic care can be a highly effective method of treating the underlying cause of headaches without resorting to pain masking medication, since more than 80% of headaches originate in the neck or have components of mal-positioned vertebrae in the neck.

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How a Headache Chiropractor Can Help You Heal

Chiropractic treatments can reduce the headaches and in many times eliminate the headaches, especially those that are originate in the neck, skull bones, upper back and shoulders. Our adjustments can also have a positive effect on underlying conditions that contribute to headaches, such as TMJ (Jaw Pain), tight neck muscles, shoulder tension, Rib pain, and mal-position of the skull bones, using gentle effective specific chiropractic techniques.

When you visit our headache chiropractor, we will perform a thorough evaluation to locate the underlying neuro- musculoskeletal factors that may be contributing to your headaches. We will then develop an individualized treatment plan that aims to restore your neck and spinal alignment, reduce your tension, and ultimately keep headaches at bay.

By adjusting the ligaments and joints of your neck and spine, we can reverse subluxations that put extra pressure on the neck. Simply by making needed adjustments to the upper two cervical vertebrae, we can greatly reduce the number of headaches you experience - even for migraines!

Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic adjustments have shown the ability to decrease high blood pressure- another cause of headaches, by 15-25 mmHg.

We know that bad posture and stress are a known cause of tension headaches. We can improve your posture so that you do not have physical stressors along the muscles in your neck and upper back. By taking away this stress, we can also reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of your headaches and ultimately eliminate your headaches.

Once we have treated the underlying conditions, we will focus on keeping you well. We may perform occasional adjustments as a tune-up, or recommend at-home exercises.

See a Chiropractor for Headaches and Migraines

Not only can our West Hartford, CT chiropractor help you suffer fewer headaches, we can help you make informed lifestyle choices that may reduce your headaches and pain. Some foods are more likely to trigger a headache, as may chronic stress and emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant. We can assist you with identifying lifestyle triggers that may be causing your headaches and modifying behaviors accordingly. We can also help you keep a headache journal, so that you can begin to understand which patterns or behaviors may be causing your headaches.

When it comes to chiropractic and headaches, we often find that it takes a series of chiropractic adjustments to make a difference in your headaches. However, many of our patients report reduced tension, increased mobility, and a better mood from the first visit onward. When you see our chiropractor, modify your lifestyle habits, and avoid known triggers that cause headaches, you will enjoy fewer headaches going forward and have more energy to accomplish needed tasks.

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I was hesitant to start chiropractic care but my severe migraines would not stop and no doctors had any explanation. I started care and they started happening less frequently. Then I went in during an episode and Dr. Laub and Dr. G were able to stop it in its tracks. Not only that but they were able explain why it happened. This was 4 months ago and u have yet to have a headache since. On top of that my posture that was very slouchy has begun to improve so much so that friends and family have noticed the change. So far my experience at West Hartford Chiropractic has been amazing and I'd like to extend a thank you to the doctors and wonderful staff.

Amanda S.

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