Understanding Sciatica through Our West Hartford Chiropractors

Our health staff at West Hartford Chiropractic knows the frustration and limitation that comes from sciatica pain. Fortunately, we also know the benefits of chiropractic care for easing sciatica and restoring proper motion relationships. Sciatica includes a range of symptoms that help us determine the cause of your condition. For example, many patients feel lower back pain or pressure, hip pain and discomfort that continues down the leg and often ends in the calf. Typically, the pain occurs only on one side. The reason for your discomfort is in the position of the sciatic nerve at the base of your spine near your lower back. If this nerve is compressed or inflamed due to a herniated disc, spinal degeneration, or tension in the hip muscles then sciatica pain may present. 

The discs between your vertebrae offer a cushion so you are able to move freely and without pain. If these discs become weak due to overuse or improper motion the fluid may leak and take up the space designated for the sciatic nerve. As a result, the nerve is compressed and messages do not flow smoothly. Your body may feel pain, weakness and numbness. The same results occur if the vertebrae slip out of place or your lower spinal canal narrows- the nerve does not have the room it needs to function properly.

Addressing Sciatica Pain with Chiropractic Care in West Hartford

Our chiropractors will evaluate your condition to determine there is irritation of the sciatic nerve. We welcome residents of West Hartford, Hartford, Canton, Avon, Simsbury, Farmington, Bloomfield, Glastonbury and Newington to visit us if you are feeling pain or pressure from your lower back to your leg. The ways we address sciatica pain include:

  • X-rays- we take x-rays of your lower back as a visual aid to help determine abnormal structural changes to your spine. This gives us a better understanding of which treatment methods to use to reduce your pain.
  • Chiropractic Adjustments- our chiropractors gently restore normal motion to your lower back to free the inflamed sciatic nerve. Relief may be immediate, but requires consistency in your care for your body to maintain the healthy position.
  • Acupuncture- our acupuncture sessions are a wonderful compliment to chiropractic adjustments and can help reduce pain and restore mobility.
  • Webster Technique- pregnancy may bring on or exacerbate sciatica.
  • Cold Laser Therapy- our cold laser therapy provides pinpoint relief in your lower back and legs. The laser stimulates healing at the cellular level so your body begins to care for itself.
  • W.A.V.E. - as your body is healing, we recommend exercise to strengthen the muscles and support your core. Our W.A.V.E. system works against gravity to stimulate greater muscle contractions.

If you are suffering from lower back pain that extends into your legs, you may have a compressed sciatic nerve. Our chiropractors provide immediate relief, so call us today at (860) 232-5556.

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