Massage Therapy

Victoria Palmisano, NCLMT

As a Nationally-Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist, I am proud to say that I have met with and worked on many wonderful people of whom I have maintained a professional relationship with throughout my ten-year career.  I worked as a full-time therapist for the first seven years of my career.  I began working as a part-time therapist two years ago.  I have now come back to full time massage therapy. Healing and caring for peoples muscular and overall health is what I do best.. I look forward to contributing to the success of each individual doctor here at West Hartford Chiropractic & Wellness with my own approach to achieving structural alignment of the body.

How I work each session:

I begin by focusing on destressing and lifting tension from the muscles of the body. I then use different forms of neuromuscular techniques  which includes a combination of myofascial release and trigger point therapy to assist with successful alignment of the spine.

My goal for each client is to restore balance down to the core and improve overall function to the body.  I also like to consider my therapy as a type of “drug-free pain management”.   My hands-on, intuitive approach along with the PHENOMENAL care of the doctors here at West Hartford Chiropractic & Wellness is a guaranteed success. This attention to musculoskeletal detail, along with working the core muscles is a sure way to benefit your chiropractic care. I firmly believe that together, we will deliver a “higher level of wellness”!

Massage Therapy Menu

Deep Tissue Muscle Alignment/Body Sculpting
Victoria Palmisano, NCLMT

Therapy Patient Pricing Non-Patient Pricing

10-minute Chair Massage (neck & shoulders)

Enhanced with Deep Blue Therapy





15-minute Pre-Adjustment Massage (over the clothes)

Enhanced with Deep Blue Therapy

$20 $20

30-minute Table Massage (for any problem area)

Enhanced with Deep Blue Therapy




*Organic Coconut Oil/Massage Lotion infused with up to (2) DoTerra aromatherapy oils 

* Vegan Lotion also available

60-minute Table Massage

Enhanced with Deep Blue Therapy




90-minute Table Massage

Enhanced with Deep Blue Therapy




2 hour Table Massage

Enhanced with Deep Blue Therapy




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