Spinal and Postural Wellness Screenings

Spinal and Postural Wellness Screenings by Your Chiropractor

At West Hartford Chiropractic one of the many services we offer is a spinal and postural wellness screening. Spinal and postural screenings are an important part of what we do to help more people get healthy and stay healthy naturally. But what is a spinal and postural screening?

You may have seen signs with emphatic messaging such as "Back pain? Neck pain? Core weakness? Loss of balance? Headaches? Stiffness? Try a free spinal screening!" Some people walk right on by as if the screeners had giant X's on their foreheads out of the fear that they would get a hard sell on chiropractic care. 

But that's not what spinal screening is about. Not everybody has spinal problems. But if you do, you have every right to choose what you want to do about them on your own. It's just that spinal care is what we do and what we do well, and if you need our help, we would like the opportunity to help you.

Spinal and Postural Wellness Screenings by Your Chiropractor

What does your chiropractor do in a spinal and postural wellness screening?

Chiropractic care is individualized care. The first thing our chiropractor will do in a spinal and postural wellness screening is to ask you about the problems you list on your intake form. If you have lower back pain, our chiropractor will want to know how often you have had it, how long you have had, what the triggers for your lower back are. Our chiropractor will go through the same process for other complaints such as neck pain, shoulders, and knees that go out, headaches, fibromyalgia, just about kind of chronic pain condition.

Then our chiropractor will evaluate how much pressure from your body weight you are carrying through your spine onto your nerves, ligaments, and muscles in your upper body. We will ask you to step onto a machine with a clear screen marked with a grid behind you. You will then be asked to move right and left or back and forth until telling you to stop. Then you will relax your shoulders, look straight ahead at a specific spot, and stand really still while the scales take your weight.

Weighing you on these scales isn't about telling you whether you need to diet. These scales weigh you to left you and our chiropractor knows whether your spine carries more weight on your left side or your right side. Then as you continue to stand still and look straight ahead, our chiropractor will manipulate the grid over the clear screen to determine why one side of your spine has to work harder than the other — assuming, of course, that there is a problem with your spinal alignment.

In about five minutes the spinal and postural wellness screening is over. The doctor can advise you of what chiropractic care can do for you, how long it might take, and how it will help you feel better.

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