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Professional Testimonials

The US Ski and Snowboard Teams used the WAVE as an important part of their preparation for Vancouver 2010, our most successful Olympics ever! Our ski disciplines range from cross country, moguls, aerials and alpine. Each of these sports is entirely difference, but they all find an effective way to incorporate the WAVE into their warm up and training routines. It is very effective for 'waking up' the body's neural system and prepares the athletes' muscles for optimal training and performance.Troy Flanagan High Performance Director
United States Ski and Snowboard Association

I love using vibration training as a tool to enhance my performance. When I looked into a vibration platform that I could use for explosive jumping, the WAVE was more than capable of withstanding the stresses I put on it everyday without fear of wearing it down. The WAVE is not only effective, but also tough and durable.

Elvis Stojko Three time World Figure Skating Champion


To investigate the effectiveness of a vertically vibrating platform on skeletal muscle activity, we required a platform that would provide us with a reproducible and reliable vibration stimulus in terms of both frequency and amplitude, as well as a unit that automatically weighed and self adjusted its stimulus for an individual's body weight. In addition the unit needed to be able to accommodate extra loads typically used in weight training and have a large enough surface area to allow comfortable and safe body movements. The WAVE self-calibrating vibration platform met our experimental concerns.

Dr Kenji Kenno, PhD. Researcher, University of Windsor


My practice is primarily based on treating chronic low back pain. What I found frustrating was the lack of an effective exercise program gentle enough that my patient population could do. I am ecstatic about how well my patients progress in strength, flexibility and pain reduction with the WAVE. With severe disc problems, it was difficult to provide conventional exercises. The WAVE is the only vibration product I recommend. The large surface area holds my heavier patients and it is extremely easy and comfortable to use. The WAVE should be an integral part of any health professional's program that involves rehabilitation.

Dr. Craig Schisler Schisler Spine Centre
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

There have been such good results such as spasticity management, facilitation, reducing tone….(We have) an outpatient facility so we've had brain injury, stroke, and some other patients with other therapists that come up here and use (the WAVE). It's been incredible.

Bill Thornton MPT


Being a boxer, power and speed are very important for me to gain an edge on my opponents. The WAVE helped me develop this by working my fast twitch muscles. Since I spend a lot of time on my cardio conditioning, using the WAVE for my power training is valuable. By taking only 15 minutes, it lets me stay in top shape and spend more time on my boxing skills.

Andrew Singh Kooner Olympic Boxer

I had never participated in a focused exercise program using vibration therapy and within minutes I quickly began to realize the benefits. One of the major advantages of vibration therapy is clearly the low impact nature of the exercise which makes it accessible to a large and varied population base. Whether static or dynamic training, the WAVE provides a versatile workout for people of any age and athletic ability.As a healthcare provider I endorse the benefits of increased circulation, muscle tone and strength and recognize how such therapy increases proprioception (balance) and reduces overall pain.

Dr. Mark Renzoni Health Matters Chiropractic Centre
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

By including the WAVE in my training routine, I've been able to bounce around a lot more in the ring. It has helped me a lot with my footwork by loosening up my calves.

David Loiseau Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Ultimate Fighting Championship


We have a unique selling proposition because of the WAVE. It has allowed me to improve the quality of care in a very dramatic way for my patients. The WAVE is effective, unique, and works fast.

Dr. Karl Johnson Chiropractic & Nutrition Wellness Center
Shelby Township, Michigan

I work with a lot of Olympic athletes and some professional athletes. The bigger platform [of the WAVE] facilitates a lot more functional movements. The athletes love it. They like the way it feels. They like the increased blood flow. They like the massage benefits. My athletes are less sore. Athletes with tight areas or knots find that the WAVE helps them out a lot more than just rolling, so it's a good tool to have. I've been on every vibrating platform there is and the WAVE is the one that I actually enjoy.

Jonathan Chaimberg Strength and Conditioning Coach for Georges St. Pierre of Ultimate Fighting Championship

The WAVE vibration system gives us the ability to stretch a tight muscle group in a very small period of time compared to static stretch, which is something amazing when you work with sedentary people or overweight patrons. We also noticed the benefit of it for the rehab process where proprioception and stability must be reset in a traumatized joint. We also noticed strength increases in dynamic fundamental movements like squats, push ups and curl ups performed on the WAVE machine. In this era where each training program rotates around functional training, I think that the WAVE can replace many tools like stability boards, disc foam rollers, etc. and save a lot of money and time for its unique versatility. Pasquale "Lino" Silvestre Fitness Leader
Fit Zone
NSA Naples, Italy

Shepherd Center primarily uses the WAVE in treating patients with neurological injuries and diseases. We find it very helpful in improving muscle responses and spasticity. The WAVE is a great way to enhance therapeutic exercise.

Clare Hartigan Locomotor Training Program and Outpatient Services
Shepherd Center

Personal Testimonials

At 6 weeks post total hip replacement surgery, I returned to the WAVE sitting on a chair with only my feet on the plate. I continued this way 3 times a week until 8 weeks post-op, when my orthopaedic surgeon agreed that the WAVE could only do good. From then until now (14 weeks post-op), I continue to improve doing my normal routine. I have regained flexibility comparable to two years prior to surgery. I am pain free. I credit the WAVE with my good health before surgery and my speedy recovery.

Heidi Leus


The WAVE has improved my balance and overall muscle tone. I have a degenerative neurological condition and the WAVE is an effective substitute for the more vigorous exercise I can no longer do.

Jack Martin


In August of 2007, I had a bone density scan as recommended by my MD. The bone density tests of the spine showed osteoporosis and the bone density levels of the wrist were close to osteopenia. My MD prescribed Fossamax, as well as recommending nutritional supplements and exercise. I did not want to take Fossamax due to its side effects but I did start taking magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. After consulting with Dr. Karl Johnson [my chiropractic and nutritional wellness specialist] about my condition, he informed me of the benefits of whole-body vibration in building bone. I started WAVE therapy in November, 2007, using the machine three times a week for four months. My follow-up bone scan showed an increase in the density of the spine of 1.9%. This is now just osteopenia, and not osteoporosis. The wrist bone scan is now normal density. Other benefits that I have noticed from using the WAVE are: I have more energy, I can touch my toes (which I could not even do as a child), and I have firmed up all over my body. I will be continuing on with this type of exercise, as I love the results.

Aline Colbert

After a severe car accident, I ended up having seven knee surgeries. Rehab took a long time but I never fully recovered. I was getting frustrated because I wanted to get stronger, but weight training was too stressful on my knees. When I began using the WAVE, I wasn't only surprised that I was getting stronger, but that it didn't put any stress on my knees. It's the only exercise that was able to get me fully active again. I think every rehabilitation center should have a WAVE!

Chris Browne

I was having back pain for 8 years and seeing a lot of different doctors. I tried a lot of exercises and therapies but only got temporary relief. The WAVE was a godsend. It helped my back get stronger and more flexible. I truly believe it was the missing link in my treatments. Not only was I getting better with the WAVE, but I was getting better results when I combined it with my regular therapy.

Kim Stickel

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 10 years ago. I joined a health club and did various exercises to help with the pain, but always felt 'totally wiped out' after exercising. Now, after using the WAVE, I have started to feel so much better. The WAVE has greatly increased my flexibility and circulation. It's so easy to use, all it takes is 10-15 minutes per session, 3 times a week to see results.

Sue John

I'm a self employed business owner that has no time to exercise. The WAVE is the only exercise I've ever used that gives the results I was looking for, without taking up a lot of my time. I didn't believe it until I saw the results. Within 15 minutes, I'm able to get a full body workout, and I didn't even have to change! For anyone that wants to stay fit or get fit, but lack the time, the WAVE is the best solution.

Rick Faulkner

When I started my weight loss program, I was worried about the sagging skin that goes with it. After using the WAVE, I was amazed at the muscle tone I got along with my weight loss. Even the cottage cheese thighs disappeared! I can now wear a bathing suit to the pool.

Lynn Stieler

I can't believe how easy it is to use the WAVE. My busy schedule makes it hard for me to keep up with body toning exercises. I only use the WAVE three times per week and can't believe how toned I am. My muscles feel tight, which was so hard to keep up with my regular exercises.

Roselle Soussana

When I decided to lose weight, I was frustrated that I was not able to engage in a weight training program because of health issues and lack of time. WAVE vibration training solved that problem. Not only was I able to increase my strength, but also it helped me maintain my muscle tone as I lost 55 pounds on the WAVE weight loss program. Since it only took 15 minutes per session, I found I could stick to it over the long term. I recommend it for anyone that finds regular weight training too stressful on their joints or hard to stick to.

Bonnie K.

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